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This library and web portal contains material useful for undergraduate and graduate education in Human-Centered Computing, Human-Computer Interaction and related areas. Its contents consist of a variety of materials, including PowerPoint lectures, class syllabi, videos, example projects, exams, homework assignments and more. See also our Frequently Asked Questions. If you're so inclined, we welcome your emailed suggestions, comments, or problems you have on the site.

Editor's choice
Title Author
Type IconWeb-based UI Questionnaire Tool G Perlman
Type IconBibliography of Fitts' Law Research S MacKenzie
Type IconDecomposing Swapping in Microsoft Word D Hendry,
B Friedman
Type IconPrefuse Information Visualization Toolkit J Heer
Type IconUsable Privacy and Security L Cranor,
M Reiter,
J Hong
Most downloaded
Title Author
Type IconThe CogTool Project Carnegie Mellon University
Type IconHCI Bibliography: Education in HCI G Perlman
Type IconInternal/External Validity and Pitfalls A Fisk
Type IconMulti-touch interface J Han
Type IconHeuristic Evaluation Essays J Nielsen
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HCC Materials by Topic

We have embedded all library contents in an (evolving) taxonomy of topics in human-centered computing and human-computer interaction. If you are just learning about HCC and HCI, this may be able to help you get a feel for the HCC/HCI field and what topics are important.

HCC Videos

We have collected a number of video clips from academic and industrial sources that are relvant to HCC or HCI and are useful teaching tools. These videos are embedded in our topic taxonomy, but we have created this specialized section for your convenience.

HCC Web Lectures

Some of the lecture material for the Georgia Tech senior elective course CS/PSYCH 4750 (Design of the Human-Computer Interface) and the comparable graduate course CS/PSYCH 6750 has been recorded with Microsoft Producer to create talking head / audio / powerpoint lectures that can be viewed via a (Internet Explorer) web browser. This material is being used in the research project "Enhancing the Classroom Learning Experience with Web Lectures."


Contribute Your Class Materials Online

Help the HCC EDL community by contributing educational materials to the repository. Provide either your own materials (class lectures, etc.) or point us to useful resources elsewhere on the web. The submission process is via a Java applet.

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